Status update….

Time flies when you are having a blast and that’s exactly what this month has been…..a BLAST! There is so much going on and news I want to share but am crazy busy with Christmas just 2 days away (I still think that I must have time traveled through 2008 because I can’t believe it is already over)!
You may be asking yourself…..if Christan is so busy, why is he writing a blog to tell us nothing more than “Hi, I’m busy”. WELL….I wanted to share that a few things will be changing around here and wanted to let everyone in on what’s about to come…..stay tuned for:

  • A website early Jan 2009 (finally)
  • New Blog with fancy slide shows, bigger images and all the stuff a geeky photographer dreams of their blog being
  • Photo session give-aways
  • and…..well, I guess you will have to stay tuned to find out what else 🙂

Q:How does this effect you?!
A:If you are currently going to “” to get to this blog you just have to stay tuned for all the goodness to come. If you are getting here through another url, please update your bookmarks and start going to “”

Q:Will you have a designated portfolio on your new site?
A:Yes, we will have a section that displays 4 different categories (Weddings, Engagements, Portraits and Children)

Q:Will you have pricing for your services?
A:Setting a specific price wouldn’t accommodate everyone’s needs so we will place a price range to help you get an idea of what a wedding or portrait session would run.

Q:I thought you said you were busy?!
A:I am… and Merry Christmas!

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