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We are giving away a 1-Hour Couples Love Session and want you to tell us why you, or a couple you know, should be the winner of this awesome and fun opportunity! Are you madly in love with your spouse after years of marriage and want someone to capture that love through the camera again? Are you buying your first home and want the moment remembered as you and your honey settle into your love nest? Are you recently engaged or getting engaged and want the moment savored in image for all eternity? Have you just found out you are pregnant or are close to your due date and want the love you have for that new life captured before he or she arrives? You get the idea! We’re in the business of capturing life and want to capture a moment in yours, or someone you know.

Why are we doing this? We have been amazingly blessed in our three years of marriage that we will celebrate on February 25. So many we know and love have given to  us without question and we want to give back. Love is the greatest emotion and gift to celebrate. We want to bless the lives of a couple with our passion and with a gift that we truly appreciate: photographs.

How To Enter: Submit an email to in the following format:
1. Your Name
2. Names of the couple you are nominating
3. Your relationship to the couple you are nominating
4. And lastly a short paragraph sharing why you think the couple you are nominating deserve this free one hour session worth over $300.00. (*Remember, the couple you nominate can be you and your honey!)
5. In addition to your email, leave a comment for us stating your favorite thing about love (be as creative as you want!)

Rules: The photo session must take place in the San Luis Obispo area (so if the couple you nominate lives in another city, they must be able to come to San Luis Obispo.) Photo Session must be completed by Saturday, May 2. Nominations must be submitted by Sunday, March 2. A winner will be chosen by a panel of judges (not including ourselves) and the winner will be notified by Sunday, March 9

Let’s connect! 805.270.5492

by christanp

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Jenny My favorite thing about love (true love) is the way that you can allow yourself to be completely free with another person, “naked and not ashamed” per se. Not naked in the physical sense, always, but emotionally naked, psychologically naked… and NOT ASHAMED. When one truly loves, there is no need for fear. “For perfect love casts out fear.”February 23, 2009 – 4:17 pm

Ashlee My favorite thing about love is that it completely consumes you. You become selfless and whole heartedly concerned about someone else, instead of you.
Love is amazing. <3February 23, 2009 – 4:31 pm

Rachel Gordon My favorite thing about love is that it is unconditional. That someone loves someone no matter what, for who they are and no matter how bad the can screw up! “Love is patient, love is kind, love does not envy or boast….”March 1, 2009 – 4:26 pm

Aaron P. My favorite thing about love is knowing that you can’t imagine life without that person. Whether it’s your spouse, child, parent, sibling, or friend. Love is not always a mutual feeling. You can love without being loved.March 4, 2009 – 12:48 am

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