Cousin's trip to Boston

Downtown Boston by ChristanP Photography

I’ve been accused of not sharing any photos from my “adventures” (as Allegra and I like to call them), so I thought I would start with our most recent adventure to Boston and Rhode Island.

El Encanto Yatch by ChristanP Photography

Last Christmas Allegra’s Uncle & Aunt gave all 13 cousins a trip aboard their boat, El Encanto, a seventy-seven foot sport fisherman yacht adorned in luxury and activity. While the boat is a 4 state room hotel on water, it cannot quite comfortably fit 13 twenty-somethings (I’ll fit myself into that category even though I’m just a hair older). The 13 of us were split into groups of two; we were part of group two: Myself, Allegra, my sister-in-law Britton, Allison, Ryan, and Brooke. We flew into Boston, Mass. and met at the boat’s docking, station mere steps from downtown Boston.

Downtown Boston from El Encanto by ChristanP Photography

Downtown Boston was exactly as I pictured it: full of history, charm, and character. We were amazed to see so many parks, trees, and lush landscapes in the middle of an architectural haven. We spent a full 24 hours bike riding, walking, duck-tour-ing, and photographing all we could, over-indulging not knowing if we would ever have the luxury of returning. By day the city was a buzz with joggers, tourists, and locals alike.

 by ChristanP Photography

By night the city was aglow with rows of lamp posts and bridge lights. At night, my art was challenged as I spent hours in the crisp and chilled East Coast air focusing on night photography (my first attempt). What I came away with were not only memories to savor for a lifetime but an education and confidence. To capture the mood of night is something I have wanted to do for a long time. It gave me a thirst for more!

Marina El Encanto was docked at in Boston by ChristanP Photography
Amazing bridge in Boston by ChristanP Photography
Huge Celtics banner on the side of a buiding by ChristanP Photography

Sad to depart from Bean Town but excited for the mystery of what lay ahead in Newport, Rhode Island, we set sail at 3am. Five hours post departure, we were awoken by a rapping on the door and the announcement that humpback whales could be seen just yards from boat. Tired and incoherent we crawled above and into a world that can only be found in dreams: Open water and unrestricted nature. Humpback and Minky whales broke the water’s surface left and right- at least a dozen. For three hours we idled in the water mesmerized every time they would enter our world and share their majesty with us.

Humpback whales near our boat by ChristanP Photography
Ryan Birtcher looking at a humpback whale near our boat by ChristanP Photography
Humpback whale diving by ChristanP Photography

Saying goodbye to “our whales” was sad. You’d think after hours of repeated oohs & ahhs we would have been ready but would anyone ever be ready to leave that?! We were finally on our way to Newport. Sailing through Cape Cod Allegra found her dream town and realized it is how she imagined it in her dreams. Picket fences, shingled houses, and sea grass really do exist. It was our introduction to what Newport would be: a picturesque town of cobblestone streets, church steeples, and perfect homes. My wife was in her worldly heaven. To share this together was nothing short of mesmerizing. To have this in our shared heart for this lifetime was nothing shy of a dream come true. Thank you, Uncle Brandy & Aunt Dorine. THANK YOU!

Church in Rhode Island by ChristanP Photography
Private marina in Rhode Island by ChristanP Photography
Sailboat in Rhode Island by ChristanP Photography
Sunset in Rhode Island by ChristanP Photography

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Corey Wow guys…these shots are INCREDIBLE!! They really look amazing. And it looks like you had some fun too!October 24, 2008 – 9:36 am

Anonymous What an amazing adventure! Some day I hope to visit that part of the country, one of the only places in the US I haven’t been yet. I love the night shots! The still water with the beautiful twinkling stars looking down on the empty dock….AWESOME!! Where do you get this creativeness??
Aaron P.October 25, 2008 – 12:06 am

Sarah Fabulous photography! I’m glad I stumbled across your blog, it’s definitely a new favorite!April 8, 2009 – 9:47 am

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