My Fathers Day

This past Fathers day was full of my “favorites”; my family, cinnamon rolls and classic cars!
It’s a tradition that Allegra takes me out for cinnamon rolls for Fathers day and this year a classic car show happened to be going on a few blocks away from our cinnamon roll haven.
Pismo Beach Fathers Day Car Show
If you know me, you know how excited about classic cars I can get……and if you really know me (or have hung out with me for more than 1 day) you’ll know that I love working on and building classic cars (I might mention that I spent 2 years building a 1965 Malibu…..and how I did 99% of the restore myself…and I kick myself all the time for selling it 🙁 ).
here’s my beauty
My 1965 Chevy Malibu
About a month ago my boss was telling me he was selling his labor of love and immediately I told him how he needs to take pictures of it. I don’t have many pictures of my car and I wish I had some pictures that I could hang up in my “man room” (aka, garage). Although I’ve never taken pictures of a vehicle before (excluding the point and shoots to sell one on craigslist), he took me up on the offer after I said I’d shoot his car as if I could turn back the clock and take pictures of my Malibu.

I had a blast! Here’s what I came up with. Enjoy!
Porsche Shoot
Porsche Shoot
Porsche Shoot
Christion (a friend I work with) wanted to give his interpretation of what “cool guy” meant.
Porsche Shoot

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Jim R Nice job – the pics look awesome! Prob too awesome and I’ll have to take some crappy pics to throw in there so buyers know its a real car and I didnt rip the images from a mag shoot 😉 And you know you’re a pro Porsche photographer when you shoot the “eye”. So thanks for your hard work! It came out better than I hoped.June 28, 2009 – 7:36 pm

Christie Gavin Hi Christan,
Brad McCroskey’s sister; Cassydy’s Mom….you get the “picture”. Your website is very impressive. I love all that you incorporate. Your description of the couples you photograph; the choices of backgrounds whether you choose them or not. They are unique and creative. Your son is out of this world and I would kill for his eyelashes!!!
You have found your true calling and I wish you all the success and happiness you deserve. You have a real passion for capturing the love and excitement each of your subjects possess. I hope we will see you soon. Take care.
Best, ChristieApril 6, 2010 – 9:54 am

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