Photo of the week [Birthday Weekend]

This week is more like photos of the week and they are all from my (amazing) birthday gift I got from Allegra; a 1 night stay at Quail Lodge and a day of golfing (first time staying in Carmel and first time golfing at a professional golf course).

My brother, Aaron, and I had a blast walking through Monterey. We ate at Chipotle, talked about whatever, and did what ever we wanted. The funniest part of our trip was finding out that the booger I found in my cereal when I was 12 years old DIDN’T come from the Tootie Fruities (generic cereal) plant but rather from my brother flicking it across the room. (Story in short: I found a booger in my cereal and immediately freaked out. Gross…yes…no I didn’t eat it!)  Aaron jumped up, told my mom and there we were heading to the grocery store to complain to the manager.Due to this tragic event in my life I have never bought generic cereal.) So, thanks Aaron for being nothing more than a big brother to me 🙂

Now….on to the photos.

I saw this barn right off of the freeway and couldn’t resist… is so worn down that the entire front was moving like a swing back and forth with the wind.

An Old Barn off of the 101

An Old Barn off of the 101

Right before I got to the resort I saw this garage and couldn’t resist stopping (again) to take a quick picture as I got soaked from the rain….but loving it.

An American Flag Painted on a Garage

An American Flag Painted on a Garage

After arriving in Monterey and proceeding to have a fun day consisting of hanging out and playing a game of golf with Aaron, I headed home. As I drove home thinking about how much fun I had hanging out with my brother (pretty much the first time we’ve hung out alone) I looked to the left of me and saw my first complete rainbow! I had to pull over and take a picture of it because it was the perfect ending to the weekend of “firsts” for me. Hope you enjoyed!

My first Rainbow

My first Full Rainbow

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