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Ok, so you might be thinking…”hey, doesn’t “photo of the week” mean posting a photo per week?” Well, the answer is “yes”. . but I have a good excuse…our internet has been down and AT&T couldn’t come out for 2 weeks…BUT, we are up and running again sooo….here is this weeks photo. For this weeks photo I thought I would share the Valentine Allegra made of Ashton.

I’m learning so much as a dad; how to change diapers, learned that babies aren’t supposed to eat honey (thanks Dan and Val for that one), they don’t like to sleep through the night, they aren’t potty trained for like…years…you know, basic stuff like that. But…what I learned this week was a little different. Allegra sent me this Valentine and I got an overwhelming feeling just sitting at my desk looking at this picture. For the first time I was just staring at this picture of Ashton thinking about how much this little guy means to me and how my love keeps growing and growing for him (it even made my eyes water up but don’t tell anyone). I began to start thinking about how much God loves me and that the way I was feeling at that moment was not even a fraction of the feeling God has for me…..that’s just crazy….hard to imagine, but what I believe to be the truth.

So….that’s why I’m sharing this picture. Enjoy!

Be my Valentine by ChristanP Photography

Be my Valentine...

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Christina Roberts Adorable!!February 16, 2009 – 9:24 pm

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