Baby Canon – 1 year old

I remember how badly I wanted to have a baby girl. I was so certain I was having a girl that a boy name wasn’t even something we had discussed. As my husband prepared himself for the years of gun holding and boy threatening, I dreamed of bows and a guaranteed best friend. Eventually, we found out that baby girl I would have bet my life that I was having was actually a boy. I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t bet my life. From the moment our son came into our life, I have been unable to imagine ever having a little girl.

I bet you’re wondering, “What does your son have to do with Canon?” I’m getting there.

My husband’s family was once filled with 3 nieces, all the same age and apart by only months. Suddenly that changed and three boys were all born within months of each other and Canon was one of them–the second one. It appeared that girls were being taken over and the boys were moving in.

Canon is our sweet nephew. Having the chance to pull out the camera and capture his celebratory first year of life was extremely special to me. I often wonder about the relationship that he and Ashton will have as they grow up together. Who will beat up who and the lot that comes with little boys. With only seven weeks between them, we can’t help but dream of a close bond.
San Luis Obispo Baby Portraits
Canon is the life of the party full of boy roughness and determination. I cannot believe that a year has passed and this little boy, our nephew, is walking and continues on his way to growing up too fast.
San Luis Obispo Baby Portraits
San Luis Obispo Baby Portraits
San Luis Obispo Baby Portraits
Sweet Canon, we love you. As you grow, we can only promise to remember the most embarrassing stories and share them at the most prime of moments. Thank you for coming into our life!

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by christanp

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LuLu He is precious! How lucky for your son and nephew to be so close in age… some serious fun times ahead. I wish I lived closer because I would hire you in a heart beat to photograph my children!! your work is beautiful!
LuLuMarch 31, 2009 – 9:14 am

Aaron P. You guys did such an awesome job! And you picked a GREAT place to shoot! Thank you so much!! We love you!April 13, 2009 – 7:15 pm

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