Capturing Claire

Claire is the daughter of my friend Karen whom I hold very close to my heart. I have known Karen since the fourth grade. I have played tennis with her, raised a sheep for 4-H with her, and lived next door to her. Above all, I have been prayed over by Karen, had her by my side as I experienced true miracles in my life, and was brought to my first experience with true faith by her loving encouragement. Karen is an amazing friend, wife, and now mother.
On March 1, Karen, Claire, and I had the first chance to spend a few hours together as girls. Watching Karen just be a mother to Claire is one of the most beautiful things for me to witness. Motherhood has changed her in ways that are subtle and at the same time, strong. She gives me wisdom and reminds me that soon it will be my turn and it will all be worth it. To watch Claire is to be in awe of His work, His intention, and His plan for our life that is beyond our own. Claire is a growing miracle who is discovering this world by day and experiencing life’s first with each passing moment. To capture a moment in her life that she will soon grow out of was an honor and a blessing.

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