I have been blessed to know my cousins as true friends. Throughout my lifetime, family traditions and time together have been important. While we were younger, the time together may have been forced but as we have aged, our relationships have become chosen.
A couple of weeks ago, I (Allegra) had the opportunity to do a quick photo session with Karen’s daughter Claire, and her cousin Christian. It was so special for me to be behind the camera and watching these little lives interact. As I watched, I couldn’t help but see myself as a child and the times I had with my cousins. These two will have many years ahead of them to develop a bond, to share memories, and to become friends that cannot be found in anyone else.
Although it was a quick hour, I enjoyed the sincere laughter that the two grandma’s, two mom’s, and two children involved in the mini photo shoot brought about. It was a new experience to try and shoot two children with fascinations and minds all of their own but one that I hope captured some memories that their families will cherish forever.

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