Meet Penelope

There are no words to describe the birth of a child, let alone the birth of a first child. Suddenly your emotions and self proclaimed inadequacies speak louder than words ever could. Your nerves are shot and you are caught in between feeling as though you can do nothing right and an overwhelming sense of protective overdrive. There is nothing quite like that of a new life that can catapult you into redefining your own.

ChristanP - Baby Penelope

Penelope is a six pound precious bundle of baby girl that has changed the lives of her parents, Billy & Melissa. She is perfection personified. Her gentle coos that are still being deciphered by her parents make her mother’s heart melt. Her total dependency makes her father stand tall in honor of the greatest gift he’s ever been given. Billy & Melissa stare at her in adoration as she stretches her long limbs and slowly opens her eyes to see the world she’s now in.
There is nothing quite like that of new life.
Meet Penelope. 1 Week old. Welcome to the world sweet baby girl!

Christan - Penelope black and white

ChristanP - Penelope's feet

Baby crying

ChritanP - Baby Penelope

ChristanP - Penelope in blanket

ChristanP - Billy holding Penelope

ChristanP - Hedrick Family

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