Princess Katelyn

ChrstanP - Princess Katelyn

The magic of a little girl’s world unfolds under layers of pink and fairy tales. It’s a magic that cannot be matched by anything else. It’s the way she dreams, the way she plays, the way she pretends, and the things she says. Daddy’s little girl and mommy’s best friend, a daughter can own the hearts of parents and steal the hearts of onlookers.

ChristanP - Various faces

Have you ever watched a child? Uninhibited and abounding in pure innocence.
We had the chance to look in on a day in the life of Katelyn. While all little girls come to know exactly what a camera is and by osmosis seem to know how to pose, it is a gift to watch a little girl play and close out the world around her. We put chalk in the tiny hands of five year old Katelyn and watched as we no longer seemed to exist.

ChristanP - Katelyn holding Chalk

She became immersed in her art of play. She drew, she spun (as every girl loves to do in skirts and dresses that allow her to), and she laughed undisturbed by our prying eye.

ChristanP - Katelyn playing with chalk

ChristanP - Katelyn writing her name with chalk

ChristanP - Katelyn smiling

ChristanP - girl dancing around

ChristanP - Katelyn

ChristanP - Riding a bike

ChristanP - Katelyn in window

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by christanp

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Anonymous WOW!! These are really good!! You have such a creative eye. I dont know who this little girl is but GREAT PIX!!
Aaron P.August 17, 2008 – 5:15 pm

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