Reliving this past year in photography – Part 1

This past year was the awakening of a whole new world for Allegra and I; the world of photography. What started off as a hobby has slowly become an avenue to express the way we see people, places and life.
Our story started last year. As we were unpacking from our big move to Orange County, Allegra and I looked through our wedding and engagement photos (taken by Cameron Ingalls) for the hundredth time. We were talking about how cool it is to capture a moment in life from an individual’s point of view from behind the camera and how later those moments become still frames that others can appreciate.
The dream of rebuilding my dune buggy (don’t laugh… 🙂 )was coming to a halt since I no longer had a place to work on this dream machine…haha. So I sold the buggy and we decided to put the money toward a camera.
After a few adventures out with the camera, Allegra’s sister was eager to let us practice taking her picture since we had no experience at all directing anyone or even taking pictures for people other than ourselves.
There was an old barn across the street from where Allegra once rented an apartment that came to both of our minds. We jumped in the car and were on out way to our first “photoshoot”.
With little direction from us, Britton was on her way to being the next Country star top model. Here are a few shot that were a result of that outing.

Once we got going and comfortable with the camera, we decided to hop around San Luis and take pictures until the sun went down. Here are a few more from that trip.

(she’s probably going to hate me for posting this one….but it was too funny to not hehe)

This concludes part 1 of “Reliving this past year in photography”

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