Reliving this past year in photography – Part 2

It’s amazing how a photo can take you back to somewhere in time and allow you to relive moments from your past. These photos did exactly that.
Last year I had the pleasure of taking pictures with a good friend of mine Joe Henry from Adam’s Attic. We went to Balboa Island where you can find a bunch of great back drops for pictures because every house is uniquely painted and have different styles to them.
Adam’s Attic starting to get recognized by major radio stations for a song called “Waiting”. It’s funny because I remember Joe being in my den talking about this song he wrote the night before. He grabbed my guitar and played it for the first time in front of anyone…me! (yes, I know… ). Since that day they have played that song all over the world…..literally…..from House of Blues on Sunset, Hollywood to Singapore, Hawaii, Germany…..the list goes on and on.
In another segment I’ll share some pictures from a few sessions I had with the entire band. Some in the garage of my old apartment complex, some from House of Blues, Hollywood, and I’ll talk about the picture that made it to their debut cd “Skylines and City Lights”

For now, here are a few photos from my day trip at Balboa Island. -CP

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