ProDPI….our lab of choice

Photography starts with an artist and a camera, it ends with skill and a physical print.

My wife and I have lost ourselves in the art of photography. Our eyes have been opened to new life and we have been given new sight. We no longer avoid the seemingly ordinary, we lose ourselves in it, maybe we even manipulate it. We capture a moment and we savor it tasting every last morsel however, we cannot recall the taste without the picture to look back on. The world we all live in is trapped in an electronic box. We stare at screens and trust that what they show us IS as beautiful as it gets. Perhaps it was, but once we found ProDPI, we realized it wasn’t. To capture a moment and to save it is one thing, to have it and to hold it is another. ProDPI took our art to a whole new level. They took us away from electronics and into tangible. Through ProDPI we now have complete art. ProDPI, you complete us!

A few images printed through ProDPI

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